Featured Instructor: Ale Pertierra, Perigon Indoor Cycling Studio

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

One of our favorite instructors and Andi Girls, Ale Pertierra talks to us about her passion for indoor cycling, and how she got started as an instructor!

1. How did you start your fitness journey? I finally found the courage to start going to the gym around two or three years ago and after training for a few months with a trainer, I could finally see my body getting stronger and I also felt stronger mentally so I kept going. l started spinning a little bit over a year ago and fell in love with the insane rush of energy you get during and after class. Kept riding ever since!

2. What does spinning mean to you? Spinning to me now means so much more than it first did. At first, I saw it as a way to get in a quick workout while of course, having fun. But now, it’s also become a way to relieve stress, inspire and motivate others, and create new relationships with my riders. In those 45 minutes no matter how stressed I was right before getting up on that podium, I immediately forget everything that was stressing me out and worrying me. It’s amazing!!

3. Do you have a mantra you live and work by? “Do what you want and do it the best way you possibly can”. If you want something, go for it! But never do anytning half-heartedly. Always give your 100% in everything.

4. Five favourite songs to spin to? Magenta Riddim - DJ Snake Don’t You Want Me - The Human League Rock that Body - The Black Eyed Peas I’m Good- GRiZ You’re On- Madeon

5. Best teaching experience so far? Definitely my F&F ride! Can’t get over that insane amount of energy and all the love and support from my family and friends.

6. Most embarrassing teaching experience so far? Dropping my HydroFlask and screaming “AYY!”

7. How a typical class goes for you? I usually like to start of with a song that sets the mood for the ride and then I build up from there. I like to continuously push my riders throughout the ride by encouraging them. I don’t wanna reveal too much though, you’ll just have to come and ride hehe!

8. Any advice for beginners or those interested in spinning? Just let go of all expectations and have fun!

9. What you look for in Activewear? Activewear that’s comfortable, like easy to move around in, but also supportive and is right in the right places. Definitely needs to be squat and sweat proof!

10. Your favourite Andi Pieces? The Liana Crop and Niki 7/8 tight in Sage!


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